Ui Scale 3 + Moved Quest icon/Tracker + Chat bubble Font 9 + Cursor Grey (For Starbound 1.0) v1.1.10 Scales and moves Ui and Chat bubble Font up one, to size 9.

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    Our Chat With Jeremy Grantham He called the Internet bubble, then the housing bubble. What alarm bell is Jeremy Grantham, the chief investment strategist at GMO, ringing about now?

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    Everyone commenting seems to think it has to apply to all-chat AND be mandatory. I remember starting to play FF14 and I kept missing messages because there's little to no indicator that someone's actively talking. Sorely missed the chat bubbles from WoW, but got used to it since they probably won't be adding chat bubbles to FF14.a question mark inside a chat bubble to indicate chat support. 0. Live Help: Offline. Live Help: Offline. a small down arrow to minimize chat box.

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